Two pink-tutu ballerinas.
A beginning ballet class.
Dance Studio
Young Ballerinas
Ballet Dancers

Dance and Prance

This is a 30-minute class for beginning dancers, ages 3 to 5, which incorporates moves from various styles of dance.  Its purpose is to introduce dance to the very young in a fun and welcoming way.


Ballet Foundations

This is a 45-minute class for young dancers, ages 6-9, who want to learn the basics of ballet.


Ballet Designs

This 45-minute class is for the teen or pre-teen who wishes to improve ballet technique and poise.


Pre-Pointe Ballet

For teen ballet students and older, this class will help prepare dancers to dance in pointe shoes.

First Pointe

This is a beginner pointe class.  You need approval by Joyce to participate in this class.

Two Young Ballet Dancers
Tap Dance Class
Tap dancing feet.
An adult dancer stretching.

Intro to Irish

This 30-minute class is for dancers, ages 6-10, who like to hop, skip, and jump!


Irish Advanced

This is a 45-minute class for dancers, ages 8 and up, who have taken one or two years of Irish.           

Tap Fundamentals

This 30-minute class will introduce basic tap steps.  Perfect for beginners.

Tap Techniques

In this 45-minute  class, the dancers will learn a wide variety of tap steps with increasing difficulty and will learn to perform them to various rhythms.


This 45-minute class for ages 6 and up will allow dancers to energetically express themselves with fancy footwork, big leaps, turns, and unique floor work.

Strength and Flex

Dancers will strengthen muscles, develop flexibility, and train themselves to use proper technique in any dance style. This is the best class for learning the splits. Highly recommended for ages 10 to adult!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is D&P 1 a prerequisite for D&P 2?

A:  No.  All D&P classes are the same level.

Q:  What is the difference between Ballet Foundations A and B?

A:  None.  You can pick the one that is best for your schedule.

Q:  Are your classes designed for both girls and boys?

A:  Yes!  We welcome all who wish to learn to dance.